Workforces are more mobile than ever. Use Engage by Cell text messaging and mobile web platforms to stay in touch with your employees. Upload  and store your HR manuals or benefit guides on a mobile-friendly website. Send out microbursts or boosts of information to large groups with a text message.

2 Mobile Platforms; 1,000 Uses

Text Message
Communication Platform

  • Texts always get read, unlike email - cut through communication clutter
  • Include links to mobile web sites
  • Push images or GIFs for more engagement
  • Works in every country
  • Users can "opt in" to a variety of lists
  • Schedule texts based on calendar date or a sequence
    based on when list was joined

Responsive Mobile
Web Platform 

  • Provide access to any content via a phone, tablet or desktop
  • Available anywhere in the world 
  • No downloads
  • No I.T. involvement required
  • Drag-and-drop simple creation of mobile pages
  • Secure site with password-protected content, if needed

6 Benefits of implementing Engage by cell


1. Increase and track engagement

Due to the high open rate of text messages - five times over email -  connect more with your members, keep them up to date with important information, events and track the success of your campaign.


2. offer your members more

Make membership more enticing by offering our mobile tools at a large discounted rate.


3. Create a mobile app for every event

Unlike a native app which lives on your phone, a mobile web app requires no download by your members. And by using our drag-and-drop page builder, you can compltely elliminate the need for I.T.


4. grow donations

Grow you donor and sponsor base by collecting contact info along with donations. Our mobile giving tools make it easy!


5. sell advertising on every text or mobile page

You control the messaging and branding in each of your communications and on your mobile website. 


6. Automate Dues Payments

Save time and eliminate the headaches of direct mailers and phone calls requesting payments by empowering members to pay using their phone following a text message prompt.



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