Workforce Development

Emails are being replaced by text messaging. Email open rates rarely surpass 20 percent, while  roughly 99 percent of all text messages are read within a few minutes of delivery. Our services solve this problem. Our
Mobile Web Authoring Platform allows you to load your content for job seekers who access it directly on their phone—we can even custom-develop your content.Our platform helps workforce development organizations to better engage with their job seekers, and improve training and skill retention. The job seekers can sign up to receive text message alerts about job fairs, seminars and webinars, and can access key content in a mobile-friendly way on their phones.

We provide workforce leaders with all the technology needed. Our Text Messaging service allows you to build SMS lists on the fly, and to schedule texts to be delivered to specific groups of people at preset times. Our Mobile Web Authoring platform allows you to store all the resources such as videos, documents, forms and more for 24/7 access by any person, anytime. It’s easy to manage and you don’t need to involve your IT department. Onboarding onto the platform is fast and seamless.

Use Engage by Cell to get content and instructions directly into the hands of your audience. Make content accessible to jobseekers even if they don’t have access to email or a computer. Give any types of users access to the newest information and updates, and measure and improve job-seekers’ skills.