Engage by Cell Webinars and Testimonials

Our ongoing webinar series features stories from industry leaders who have successfully used mobile engagement to connect with their audience. Listen to any of our past webinars, in their entirety or from selected audio, to hear insights into how our mobile engagement technology can be creatively applied to any industry.

Is Texting making Walkie Talkies obsolete?

Employers who once relied on walkie talkies for workplace communication are now utilizing SMS messaging alongside the older technology. Although walkie talkies are a tried and true method of security communication, they also have many shortcomings. […]

Does Mobile Really Help Job Seekers To Find Long-Term Employment?

Mobile web and SMS solutions make life easier for both job seekers and long-term employees. SMS messages simplify the job search process by sending out notifications for specific openings, as well as reminders for workshops and training sessions. […]

Tips and Tricks for HR Newbies

Linda Difiore, the HR Manager at Silgan Closures, faced a conundrum at her company. Due to scheduling conflicts, her night shift employees had trouble finding time to talk to HR. Even worse, they felt like their concerns were being ignored. Thanks to the platform, clashing schedules no longer get in the way of employee satisfaction.[…]

Text Messaging is Replacing Email for School Communications

When most people think of texting in an academic setting, they think of nothing but weather alerts and school closing notifications. However, Anna Pilloton from the College of Marin struggled for years to keep the attention of her students via email, and finally realized that texting was the best solution.[…]

Delivering Live Mobile Experiences

Hear from our experts on how they use mobile at their meetings and in their company to streamline the evaluation process, eliminating the need for  employees to fill out tedious paper forms[…]

Want to Go Mobile? Pitfalls We Can Help You Avoid.

Stu Maleeff, Founder and CEO of Mobile Info Pros, partnered believes mobile is the best way to reach people in the modern world. In the webinar, he weighs in on the pros and cons of mobile apps.[…]

How to Better Engage Your Teams and Alert the Community

Texting allows security teams to communicate quickly and easily in times of crisis. It also enables them to send alerts to the community much more effectively than other methods. Amber Alert text messages are one of the best examples of these capabilities. The child’s parent could text a photo to all the security guards in the area, allowing them to do their job more efficiently.[…]

Text Messaging is Replacing Email for Workforce Development

January 11, 2018 View slides As email open rates plummet by the year, SMS continues to grow in popularity across America. Ann Harrison, the Communications Director at Workforce Alliance and Mellisa Leaming, Director of Operations at Region 4 Workforce Board grew tired of job seekers missing phone calls and emails about upcoming appointments. Text messaging was the answer. […]

Chambers of Commerce

Chamber of commerce are reducing printing costs, improving engagement, and increasing event attendance thanks to the Engage by Cell platform. Mark Turner, CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, wanted to send out reminders to boost attendance at his community events. He knew that text messaging was the best way to accomplish this in the modern world, so he began working with Engage by Cell. He loves the easy, stress-free process of adding new members to his alert lists, and is very satisfied with our service so far.[…]
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