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Chambers of Commerce

December 14, 2017

Chamber of commerce are reducing printing costs, improving engagement, and increasing event attendance thanks to the Engage by Cell platform.

Mark Turner, CEO of the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, wanted to send out reminders to boost attendance at his community events. He knew that text messaging was the best way to accomplish this in the modern world, so he began working with Engage by Cell. He loves the easy, stress-free process of adding new members to his alert lists, and is very satisfied with our service so far.

Next, Robert Evans from the Galveston Chamber of Commerce recounts how he began to get complaints from his clients about excessive emails. After he started using Engage by Cell’s SMS services, he’s had much better feedback. Now, he’s able to effectively convey information without going overboard!

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Hear selected clips from our guest speakers:

Mark Turner
(President/CEO, Gilroy Chambers of Commerce)


Mark’s Chamber of Commerce sends text reminders through Engage by Cell to remind people to show up for his events. Hear how he’s successfully boosted event attendance by using our services!


Robert Evans
(President/CEO, Galveston Chamber of Commerce)


Robert’s Chamber of Commerce used to receive complaints that they were sending out too many emails. Now, they rely on our text messaging services to boost engagement without overwhelming their clients.

Robert was getting frustrated with clients ignoring his invoices time and time again. However, when he switched to text message alerts, he had a much better response rate..

Chambers of Commerce

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