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Is Texting making Walkie Talkies obsolete?

March 20, 2018

Employers who once relied on walkie talkies for workplace communication are now utilizing SMS messaging alongside the older technology. Although walkie talkies are a tried and true method of security communication, they also have many shortcomings. 

These bulky, cumbersome devices offer no written transcript, image viewing and are heavily limited by range. 

Patty Ruland and Trevor McGregor, two of Engage by Cell’s Security Mobile Experts, discuss the benefits of sending out SMS emergency alerts rather than relaying urgent messages through walkie talkies. Mobile web capabilities such as easy access to instructional videos, how-to lists, and on-the-go safety training are discussed as well. Employees can interact with these tools throughout the workday without being limited by range, poor battery life, or any of the other shortcomings of walkie talkies.

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Patty Ruland
(Security mobile expert at Engage by Cell)


Sending out important updates and alerts is simple with our text messaging platform. Our mobile web capabilities make it easy to provide resources and content to your employees

Engage by Cell makes it easier than ever to send out emergency alerts. You can either choose to let your employees opt-in to emergency alerts, or make it mandatory.

Enrolling your employees in multiple lists doesn’t have to be complicated. Your master list can be conveniently broken up to sort employees by skills and services.

In times of danger, our tools allow you to inform security of an incident the second it happens. Communicating through text until the conflict is resolved makes things safer for everyone. .

Mobile web sites allow you to store instructional videos, how-to lists, Excel spreadsheets, images, Word documents, and almost any other type of media you can imagine.

We won’t waste your time with a lengthy, drawn-out setup process. In most cases, your emergency alert lists can be up and running in less than a day.


Travis McGregor
(Security mobile expert at Engage by Cell)


During a search for a lost child or a suspicious person, every second counts. Picture messaging can help the security team identify the person in question much more effectively than a description alone.

Identifying neighborhood incidents becomes much easier when you join our lists. When seconds count, you’ll be the first to know about an incident so you can avoid the area.

Many of our clients use our mobile web capabilities for safety training. Our five-minute training segments are much easier for employees to understand than lengthy classes.

Managing and scheduling SMS and MMS messages is breeze with Engage by Cell! With an open read rate of 98%, you can be sure your employees are getting all the information they need.

Our mobile web app builder doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge. You’ll be able to engage your followers with professional, polished mobile apps that can be password-protected for added security.

Our inbound texting capabilities allow you to use keywords to use filter areas of interest into categories. With our outbound messaging capabilities, you’ll be able to schedule messages for specific times.

With Engage by Cell, you’ll be able to schedule text messages by list and category to connect with readers on a personal level. Primary keywords allow you to set up multiple lists and different SMS accounts.


Is Texting making Walkie Talkies obsolete?

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