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Text Messaging Services - Visitors

SMS has become everyone’s favorite method of communication for personal and professional use. While email open rates hover around 20% and continue to fall, text messages are read 98% of the time – usually within minutes. Use texting to:

  • Send information to guests about special events at your venue
  • Recruit Seasonal Workers and fill open shifts
  • Sequence Texts so that your visitors receive different promotions throughout the day

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Text Messaging Services - Internal Communication

You may have challenges communicating important information to your staff for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are out in the field or don’t work near a computer. Maybe they aren’t the best about checking their email frequently. Whatever the case is they likely have their cell phone nearby at all times. Use text messaging to your message immediately in their hands.

  • Keep staff up to speed on weather alerts, upcoming events, and important dates to remember
  • Store benefits information, safety documents, or training information on easy to access mobile friendly websites

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Mobile Guides

Create engaging mobile experiences with an audio or smartphone tour. Users can be directed to page specifically tailored to that area of focus. 

  • Users text a keyword into a short code to be sent a link to a mobile page with information about your venue
  • Users text a keyword or scan a QR code to get access to a mobile web site that can store additional content for viewing. Includes photos, videos, quizzes, polls, surveys, and even a selfie gallery
  • Audio tours allow for a visitor to dial a phone number followed by a stop number to hear an audio recording that provides additional information to whatever the visitor is viewing

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Security Messaging

Multimedia group messaging for security teams makes walkie-talkies obsolete. Now there’s no danger of losing a suspicious person due to bad description, or not being able to find a lost child because of bad reception.

  • All members opt-in to messaging at the beginning of the day
  • All communication occurs within the same text thread
  • Team members can send picture and video

Lost Child       Suspicious Persons

Scavenger Hunts

More than a tour, our text message/smartphone scavenger hunt brings a fun challenge to your venue which can be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Lead visitors through your park to places they wouldn’t normally go
  • Occupy kids with a hunt specifically tailored to them
  • Have different scavenger hunts for different skill levels, seasons, age groups, and locations

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Augmented Reality

Create a dynamic experience for your visitor. By looking through their phone or tablet the visitor can see content that isn’t actually there.

  • Take a photo or point your phone towards a painting or an object. Additional images can appear right before your eyes
  • Be part of the simulation; take a photo of yourself and have a funny mustache or hat be added to your photo

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Get vital contact information from your visitors by having them text a shortcode with a keyword to be notified of promotions and discounts.

  • Once you have the cell phone number push out weekly or monthly messages with coupons or discounts to help drive business during slower time
  • Keep visitors updated on special events and new services or features that would be worth a return visit

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Rewards Programs

By using a leaderboard platform, have your visitors engage in different activities to get rewards. Cash in their rewards for prizes, discounts, or special events.

  • Mobile sites and text messaging can keep your customer happy and loyal

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Help alleviate long lines and speed up the ticketing process by having your visitors purchase tickets on their mobile device. After purchase the visitor can receive a text with their ticket to be scanned at the gate.

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