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How Mobile Technology Bridged Mary Kay’s Global Communication Gap

When the pandemic first hit, Mary Kay, global leader in the direct selling industry, had to figure out how their massive employee workforce, from offices to manufacturing and distributing, could function when the world went remote. 

And like many companies making this transition, Mary Kay needed a quick, effective, and sustainable way to bridge potential communication gaps:

  • How could they distill information to thousands of employees across the globe? 
  • What about all the workers without laptops? 
  • And most importantly, how could Mary Kay’s leaders get in front of their workers so they felt safe, secure and well-led? 

Luckily, Mary Kay adopted Engage by Cell’s mobile technology, an instrumental tool in helping their global workers stay informed and connected

Our webinar we spoke with Senior Editor of Mary Kay, TwylaBeth Lambert as she shared the many ways mobile technology supports their global employee communication pre-, during, and post-pandemic.

February 04, 2021


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