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Training Reinforcement,Microlearning,
Mobile Content Hosting.
All the tools you need for a
mobilized workforce

Training Reinforcement,Microlearning, Mobile Content HostingAll the tools you need for a mobilized workforce

Find out how

2 Platforms to Engage
with Your Members

Text Message

Reach out to your team with event reminders. Schedule texts by date or as part of a sequence.


Mobile App

Create a mobile app as a library of useful resources and training materials.

How We Can Help
Employees not retaining skills LEARNED in training classes
Training reinforcement via SMS alerts
  • Microlearning - provide smaller, focused bursts of information via SMS that can be digested on the employee’s own time
  • Push out a link to a mobile quiz to test skill retention
  • Send text messages to employees days after a class ends to continue learning
documents and training Materials not always accessible
Host any kind of content on a mobile web app
  • Training guides, price sheets, how-to videos, forms, contracts - all accessible 24/7 from one cloud-based, mobile platform
  • Collect feedback and test skills with polls & quizzes
  • Content can be updated instantly
  • Save on printing costs by going completely paperless
Employees’ progress hard to be tracked along with the effectiveness of training methods
Our platform provides a methods for capturing performance and usage
  • Incorporate a leaderboard page to measure employees progress through their training. Promote friendly competition by showing each person’s rank
  • Our reporting dashboard tracks usage by date, time, location and a variety of other metrics
  • Results are generated in real-time
Event App


The above services are sold a la carte.
Many start at $299/month


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