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How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers

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July 28, 2021

Connecting with individuals isn’t easy when nobody checks their email or answers a phone call.

For a lot of people, your website is the first place they go to get information. But what’s the best way to keep them informed?

In this webinar, Engage by Cell CEO Dave Asheim and Senior Mobile Solutions Consultant Patty Ruland discuss Engage by Cell’s list-building technology: the Text Message Opt-In. This tool lets you gather website visitors' contact information in a swift, simple way which then can be used for text message marketing and communication.

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Here is a summary of Dave and Patty’s conversation:

Text Messaging: Then and Now
Historically, text messaging was for personal use with your family and friends. That’s not the case today. More and more organizations are finding that text messaging is a really great communication tool, regardless of the industry you are in. 
-Patty Ruland

Low Email Open Rates Influence Increases in Text Messaging
What has really spurred on the use of text messaging is the terrible open rate on email. I've heard from some of our clients that email open rates are under 30%. That means three out of four people that you're trying to communicate with, whether it's for HR, or jobs, or donations, or something else, are not seeing your messages. 
-Dave Asheim

Immediate Impact of Text Messaging
There’s an immediate impact with text messaging. Your phone buzzes or dings and you look at it. It's almost like you can't help but look. So you know, if a text comes through your person, your recipient is going to take a glance at it. Almost 98% of text messages are open and read. Then, replies are usually sent within three minutes.
-Patty Ruland

Spamming and Opting Out of Text Messaging
You don't want to be spamming your recipients. Unlike email, texting has an easy feature called the stop feature. If a recipient replies with the word STOP, their cellphone number would automatically be taken out of your list and messaging could not be sent to them.
-Patty Ruland

Permission for Text Messaging: Best Practice
How can you get permission for text messaging?  We strongly recommend that people voluntarily join your list. There are going to be occasions where maybe you're the HR manager for a company and you want to have an emergency list ready to go. There are times where people are not required to opt in. But the best practice is to give people a choice to opt into your list.
-Dave Asheim

Opting-In Via Text Message
One way that we've invented for people to voluntary join a text message list is by having them send a text message with a specific keyword associated with your organization. They could read a blurb in an email, a sign outside a building, get notified at a fundraising event, or read on your website, “Text [your keyword] to join our text message list.”
-Dave Asheim

Text Message Opt-In Builder
Our Text Message Opt-In builder goes on your website and allows people to select what information they want to receive from you. When they enter their cell phone number, they're automatically added to your list. For example, on our website, there's a little pop up that asks what kind of information you want to receive: promotions, webinars, or technology updates. This pop up can be customized. You can select the colors, ask for additional information, and include your logo. You can even tell people how frequently they should expect messages from you.
-Patty Ruland

Use Cases
For workforce development, you could put the Text Message Opt-In on the page that talks about your hiring events. People could sign up to receive text messages about about hiring events. For nonprofits, you could put the Text Message Opt-In on your volunteer page to help people sign up for volunteer opportunities. 
-Patty Ruland

Pop-Up Form Versus Embedded Form
The Text Message Opt-In doesn't have to be on the main page of your of your website, it can  be on any page. It can slide from the side, or you can embed the opt-in with a little static box. So there are two different options. I think the pop up is more impactful because it grabs people’s attention.
-Patty Ruland


How To Convert Your Website Visitors Into Loyal Subscribers

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