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Future of Workforce Technology in a Post-COVID World

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April 6, 2021

In this workforce development-themed webinar, Engage by Cell’s Senior Mobile Solutions Consultant Christa Mallard interviews Bill Walker and Victor Oakley from the East Tennessee Local Workforce Development Board, as well as Steve Edwards with Premier Virtual, and Engage by Cell CEO Dave Asheim about what leading professionals are doing to combat today’s challenges.

Here are the highlights:

A Communication Strategy That Works

“We came up with a strategy to engage existing clients and new clients with forms they had to sign by sending them a DocuSign envelope. We then adopted Engage by Cell so that we could text message our clients. We knew Engage by Cell’s SMS text messaging, as well as their video messaging, was a better alternative than email.”
— Bill Walker

Using Engage by Cell and Premier Virtual Together

“The seamless integration between the two platforms is what really tipped us over the edge. The two of these combined were the the pivotal solution for us coping with COVID and the changes that we experienced almost day to day.”
— Victor Oakley

Jobseeker Participation on Virtual Platforms

“You would expect during a time when we were virtually shut down since March 2020 that we would have a degradation of enrollment to the tune of 50% to 40%. We are off only 10% from the average of the two prior years, and we can attribute that to the fact that we've been able to keep up with our customers through virtual interface.”
— Bill Walker

Reaching Jobseekers Via Text

“So many of our counties are rural and lack high speed bandwidth. Even the most severe of our populations where they have so many barriers, nine times out of 10, that person is going to have a cell phone. That person is going to be able to utilize text messaging, even if they are on a very restrictive data plan.”
— Victor Oakley

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Future of Workforce Technology in a Post-COVID World

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