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Marketing Expert Shares Branding Secrets for Today’s Climate

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June 18, 2020

Having the right branding strategy makes a giant difference in your success whether you’re a nonprofit, government organization, museum, or any kind of business. 

Never before in our history has image and perception influenced every decision from purchases to training to how you feel about your company.

Our webinar is not designed for the branding experts in your company, it’s designed for YOU. How you work within your department and how you are perceived is your brand—both personal and business.

Watch our 40-minute, webinar with expert Ric Militi of InnoVision Marketing Group and learn ways to build relationships, create brand loyalty, and get people to buy-in to you and your organization. You may have seen Ric recently on KTLA, read his articles on ClickZ, or heard about his app that predicted the 2016 presidential election




Marketing Expert Shares Branding Secrets for Today’s Climate

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