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Mobile  Engagement Showcase (part 2)



July 30, 2019

 5 leading trends on mobile tech to strengthen connections with your audience in delightful and engaging ways!

We dived into five ways mobile technology can streamline workflows, retain audience engagement, increase member participation, and more!

00:01:09 - 00:32:25 - SCAVENGER HUNTS & GAMES
with Michael Hudson, Executive Director of Avoca Museum & Emily Parrow, History and Philosophy Department.
Learn how mobile tools can be a fun and interactive way to engage visitors, build camaraderie during training sessions among employees, and increase audience participation.

How can you maximize fundraising and strengthen donor relationships? One answer is mobile, a sure-fire way to impress donors, capture important data, and drastically increase funding.

00:43:52 - 00:54:00 - AUGMENTED REALITY
Augmented reality isn’t just for Snapchat and Instagram! From museums wowing their visitors to training managers using the latest tools to teach and inspire, see how AR can supplement virtual tours, increase attendance, and add to team building.

Go green with digital maps and location services where you can generate any content you’d like -- images, text, videos, social media -- to inform visitors of highlighted stops, trails, and everything that you have on a printed map.

00:59:30-01:00:00 - SHIFT FILLER
Do you also have issues filling shifts that have been vacated last minute? Learn how mobile can solve these problems easily and efficiently.

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Mobile  Engagement Showcase (part 2)

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