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Don't Let Covid-19 Derail Your Political Campaign

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May 07, 2020

When your constituents can’t meet at rallies, raise donations at events or even knock on doors, how will you spread your message and ultimately, win the election? 

Veteran political consultant Cory Christensen from our webinar, “Don’t Let COVID-19 Derail Your Political Campaign”,  shared how mobile technology can boost any campaign:

  • Text messaging can help form an intimate bond with volunteers, donors, and voters 
  • There’s no faster way to raise money than asking a donor to give via text 
  • Our Text Chat feature lets you put answers right into your voters’ hands 
  • Make sure your supporters vote before — and on — the big day with text reminders
  • Save thousands of dollars by switching from paper mailers to text alerts 



Don't Let Covid-19 Derail Your Political Campaign

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