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Solution to Reopening? It Starts with COVID Vaccine Tracker

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February 25, 2021

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is picking up speed, have you created a vaccination plan for your workplace? 

Creating a healthy work environment is paramount. What better way to return operations to full function than by safely bringing back staff, visitors, vendors, and the general public? 

The latest addition to our Safety Suite, the COVID Vaccine Tracker, will help you implement a vaccine tracking system through the convenience of mobile technology.

Engage by Cell Mobile Solution Consultants, Patty Ruland and Christa Mallard shared how this innovative safety solution helps to:

  • Notify employees of your vaccination policies
  • Send vaccination information and instructions  
  • Request proof of vaccination documentation
  • Provide a portal to upload document photos

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Full Transcript:

Patty Ruland  0:00  :  So a little bit about Engage by Cell, we are a cloud based mobile technology service providing solutions for all types of industries. We've been around for about  14 to 15 years. Personally, I've been with the organization coming up on seven years. So I guess I'm at a half life here. And like I said, we work extensively with HR groups, workforce agencies, nonprofits, museums, associations, anything from A to Z. Just talking recently with a trucking company. You know, we work with major cosmetics companies. So everything from soup to nuts falls under the purview. And they're all organizations that are looking to implement some type of mobile solution for the benefit of their employees. We have about 4,000 clients, we work globally. So here in the US, as well as Canada, Mexico, and then internationally. As I had mentioned earlier, my name is Patty Ruland. My function here at the company, I always say I'm kind of the mobile technology evangelist. I love to talk to people about what mobile technology can do for their organization. And today, like I said, I'm joined by Christa Mallard, and Christa, why don't you share a little bit about what you've been doing lately with some of our clients on the mobile front?

Christa Mallard  1:33    :  Yeah, absolutely. I'm really excited to be here. My name is Christa Mallard. I am a Senior Account Executive. And I work with industries ranging from workforce and nonprofit, cultural, HR. So as Patty mentioned, we're really talking to a wide variety of organizations, and I spent the better half of 2020 talking to, you know, leadership, individuals within organizations that are looking for solutions to utilizing technology to manage COVID. So we have a suite of safety platforms, ranging from social distancing devices. I've talked to a lot of event planning professionals, those in that type of industry looking for solutions for social distancing, as well as people who are looking for solutions to help navigate the reentry into workplace and how to communicate around those types of matters.

Patty Ruland  2:40    :  I know we don't have a poll for this, but why don't I just throw something into the mix? How many of you are currently your organizations are still work from home? And how many are returning back to the office? So let's do in the chat window. Type "Y" if you're still working from home, and "N" if you've returned to the office.

Christa Mallard  3:06    :  I know that I've talked to a lot of organizations maybe that have some sort of rotation, or they have some employees in the office but a large majority, not. So I see Cindy said they are hybrid. So I've heard a lot of that.

Patty Ruland  3:21    :  Yeah, and I think we're at the point now where people are looking to start reentry into physical office buildings when it's applicable. And yeah, somebody just commented, there's a rotation. So rotation, a hybrid of working from home certain days a week, going into the office on other days, and so forth. Um, so let's go ahead and jump into this. You know, we talk a lot about and we call this the solution, the vaccine tracker, it's so much more than that. But I was compiling some statistics, recent data, what companies are not saying "get vaccinated," or  "don't get vaccinated," they're not taking a stance on that which is great. But what I was surprised and I was happy to see this statistic that 87% of companies want to provide resources and let people know about,  what's available and what's going on in their area, and it can vary from county to county location, state to state and so forth. So really providing resources to keep their employees up to date is really imperative and it's also very appreciated by the employee. We all work for someone right? And it's always nice to know that you have that little reassurance or that little tap on the shoulder saying, "Hey, we have a plan. This is where we're going" and so forth. So mobile technology really filters  into that very easily because of the ease of use of the platform and the delivery of the information. So let's go ahead to the next slide. Christa, you said, you've been working with organizations recently. Why don't you touch a little bit upon some of the challenges that they're facing?

Christa Mallard  5:25    :  Yeah, absolutely. This is just a snapshot what we have here on the screen, because I've heard challenges that run the gamut. But those specifically that kind of speak to communication, and the problems that we solve here at Engage by Cell, first and foremost, is managing information. I think making sure that your employees have access to credible, accurate, up to date information. There's so much floating out there. So making sure, employees know what's out there from the CDC, their local or state governments. Because sometimes those can be different. Your office, they be like many who have locations in different counties or different states. So there's different regional policies that have to be managed and communicated. And also there's real time, country wide updates and knowing that everybody consumes information differently. I think we just saw that  some people are in the office, some are remote. Then also keeping in mind that a lot of people have a workforce where their employees may not necessarily have desktops. So communicating information in a way that everybody has access to,because they may not be sitting at a desk, constantly on their email. And then also, challenges surrounding just gauging what employees' vaccination plans are. So I think that's really important information to have, as you as an organization are gathering data, trying to make the best decisions and bringing your full workforce back to the office because that may determine the space people are working in or reconfiguring desks, or your workspaces. So, those are kind of like the top challenges that I'm hearing from the people that I'm talking to.

Patty Ruland  7:35    :  And I hear the same sentiments from folks that I talked to, and again, I mean, the information is changing so rapidly, sometimes week to week, sometimes day to day, and keeping people updated on the latest news is important.

Christa Mallard  7:55    :  Absolutely.

Patty Ruland  7:56    :  So through our technology platform, we have created a new solution. And if we can advance the slide, and we call it the COVID Vaccine Tracker. It's a solution that does so much more. It does allow your employees to let you know if they have gotten a vaccination when they're boosters are due, things like that, but it's also a resource, a tool. It's like the Swiss Army knife of COVID-related office duties and examples and so forth. So, let's go ahead and have everybody see an example of this new solution. Christa, do you want to explain how people can access? Yes, it looks like and I'm gonna do it here on my phone.

Christa Mallard  8:48    :  Sure. So if you all have your cell phone handy, go ahead and take that out. You are going to compose a new text message. The five digit phone number that you are going to send the text to is right here on the screen: 56512. And then in the body of the text message, include these two words, demo space vaccine. It's not case sensitive, but just make sure that the words are separate. And if you all can go ahead and send that now. And then Patti, why don't you let me know once you get it?

Patty Ruland  9:32    :  Yeah, let me go ahead. And also, I just want to remind everybody, when you're commenting, make sure your selections are set to all panelists and attendees. And let me go ahead and get that in there. And if you have received the reply text message, go ahead and hit the link there, enter in the chat window the reply that you got. I don't know if You all can see my screen or not?

Christa Mallard  10:03    :  So essentially, you get like an automatic text reply that can be customized by your administrator, but essentially, it's just a link to our mobile app.

Patty Ruland  10:17    :  Absolutely. And if you can see that there's not too much of a glare, it looks something like that. We had a quick question in the chat window that asks if this can be used for a one time event. And absolutely, we do all types of solutions and services that can be used for ongoing. We have some clients of ours,  previous clients or existing clients who have added this on to their suite of services that they're offering, and so forth. So lots of different ways to utilize it. So let's go ahead to our next slide. And again, like I said, this  solution is kind of unique. It's a dual technology. One is the platform for the web app or platform for authoring and publishing all types of resources: where to get your shot, where are vaccination here in Arizona. They call them vaccination pods.  I don't know what they're called in your neck of the woods. But basically letting people know where vaccinations are available. You know, and that information is constantly changing as Krista mentioned earlier by county to county. You could have sections for each location where you have employees. And in addition to the authoring and publishing platform that you can put all these great little tidbits and resources in, we also have a text messaging platform that allows you to push out updates, alerts, reminders, changes to policies, changes to procedures, and so forth. So why don't we go ahead and advance to the next slide. And maybe Christa do you want to elaborate a little bit on that?

Christa Mallard  12:05    :  Yes, I can elaborate on this. I also want to add, I know you mentioned earlier that you had found that great statistic about the 87% of employers wanting to provide information. And while I was doing a little bit of research myself, I came across some really good best practices for leadership communication around COVID policies. They talked a lot about the content, the cadence and the credibility. I love that. These tools allow you to communicate across different channels with different information, whether it's text messages, like this right here. You'll notify your employees of your COVID policies. You can send updates on vaccinations for different offices or the different regions or cities or states. And then also, include videos, or links to those resources or links to guidelines. 

Patty Ruland  13:14    :  And as I mentioned, if we go to the next one, we talk about providing information instructions, and things like that. I just want to point out that if you texted and accessed this, this is actually a live demo. Feel free to tap on some of the icons, and see the information that's there. You'll see how you upload your, you snap a photo of your vaccination card, and so forth. And then there's a section about that has latest updates from CDC and ocal government requirements and regulations and so forth. So again, great place to put all this content. I can't stress enough,  information is changing rapidly. The great thing about a mobile solution is your ability to change it and make information available as quickly as it changes. This is not a native app. So there's no downloading. Your employees don't have to download it. And you don't have to do an update every time that's changed. If anybody's worked with apps before or native apps, sometimes that's a little challenging. You have to create it twice, once for Android ones for iOS platforms. So again, with a mobile app, it's so much easier to administer.

Christa Mallard  14:40    :  Yeah, and Patti, do you mind if I just interject real fast? Because I saw a good question about "Can I include my company's COVID protocol for return to work in the app?" and what you're seeing it is a demo. However, those templates are available, but you can customize and add your own information. So you would have access to standard CDC information, but then also any sort of personalized information for your company locations, if you have multiple locations.

Patty Ruland  15:16    :  Absolutely. And looks like we have a question, "how do you encrypt personal personal information on the vaccine tracker page? If this is used for a one time event?" So the short answer, and we can have a one on one after this. The short answer is, you control the information. You and anybody you assign as an administrator have access to the information. It's password protected, and so forth. And when you're done, you can delete all the data. You can either just close your account, or you can delete the data completely. I mean, physically click a button that says delete, and it goes away. So we get that a lot. So there's not that concern. Of course, you should always follow your company's guidelines and procedures. But you have an access and availability to the data at all times to do with it what you choose.

Christa Mallard  16:21    :  Yes. And I do see Patty another question kind of it speaks to that somebody asked about multiple administrators. And you can set up multiple administrators, and then manage that clearance according to what you'd like them to have access to.

Patty Ruland  16:39    :  Right and keep those questions coming, they're great. And just expand upon that a little further, you can have people or an admin who's responsible for the information on the platform, updating changes or policies and where to get vaccinations and so forth. And then you can have somebody else who's responsible for the reporting or the data gathering. And then you could have another person yet who's responsible for pushing out text messages to communicate and convey different updates and so forth. Let's go ahead and show you again. This is just a quick snapshot. If we can go to the next slide.

Christa Mallard  17:23    :  I do want to just speak to this one real quick while it's on the screen. Yeah this is a feature Patty that I love, our clients love. It allows you to request documentation and have a user or your employee, submit a photo from your camera roll or something that they can snap in real time. So let's say you are trying to figure out who on certain teams is going to be vaccinated just managing that interaction. You can, as an employee, log in to the mobile app, access it, snap a photo and upload any sort of documentation about your vaccination. That way you can plan accordingly.

Patty Ruland  18:14    :  Right, and we're hearing a lot about offices working on their reentry reconfiguration of their spaces. If you have a group of people who have had the vaccination, and they provided you with the proof, it's a little easier for desk configuration and space configuration. So some of the things you can ask for when they're uploading this verification is what department are they in, what floor and the building do you normally work on? And all that data is compiled, and you can make better decisions based upon that right, Christa?

Christa Mallard  18:59    :  Yeah, absolutely. And that kind of leads us to I think it's our next slide, Molly, if you want to go ahead and advance. So all of that information that Patty is talking about, and I think when asked this as far as in the chat window about viewing those results, so we have a really great reporting system in the administrative dashboard. So that data that you're collecting on you can filter, whether it's by a geographic location, if it's by department, or job type or what team they're on, and then also, who's planning to get vaccinated or who has been vaccinated? D you have a booster date that you can share? So you can sort all of that read different reports. I see someone has a question like you can export the data. So if you needed to make that available or uploaded anywhere, you can export it through a CSV or an Excel file.

Patty Ruland  20:01    :  Excellent. Why don't we take a moment and see if we have any more questions in from the participants in the chat window? We've been trying to keep up as they come up. But I know sometimes we  miss some of them. 

Christa Mallard  20:23    :  We've gotten of a lot. I love that you all have been so active through this discussion.

Patty Ruland  20:31    :  You may have already answered this are the questions customizable? Absolutely. You determine what the questions are and what the data is you want to receive. It could be name, employee number, employee location. You can also obviously capture like their email address or their cell phone number for reaching out again, and we'll talk about this in a second, sending follow up text messages. And I think Christa will discuss that in just a minute. But yeah, you control the information that's captured. So and, Christa, that brings us to this. Great, everybody's gotten these resources, and they snap their photo of their vaccination card, and I have it on file. What else can I do with this new solution?

Christa Mallard  21:27    :  Text messages, it's a great way to push out any sort of important updates or reminders. So I love that in the mobile app, like we kind of said, you can feature any sort of information, whether it's videos from your leadership team, or infographics or maps or anything like that. And then you can use the text messaging to sprinkle out like important reminders, timely alerts, or any sort of changes to policies. So if you had employees who have already been vaccinated, you can send out reminders for the boosters, and you can pre schedule those. So it's not something you have to go in and  do in real time. You can send them out to multiple groups of people. You can not notify all of your employees, like I said, if any sort of changes to COVID policy. Let's say you have employees where there's been a policy change just at the local level, and you want to just alert people within like a specific geographic location, you can do that and just send it to those employees. And just right here, general office updates and guidelines, and then any sort of employee wellness check ins. If you have any sort of wellness tips, or health tips, or mental health tips. I think that you can use the text messaging for just so many different different reasons. 

Patty Ruland  22:57    :  We didn't talk about it earlier, but I know in our past series, we've talked about it with people still working from home and sharing resources, whether that be the single desktop or laptop computer at the home that kids are still doing their virtual schooling on. And of course, working from home, there's tons of distractions. Being able to reach out to your employees and again, I'll fall back on the wellness chats, it's really nice to know everybody wants to feel safer. Everybody wants to feel secured or reassured and so forth. But being able to reach out to them on the device that they have with them all the time. Everybody laughed at me. I did a presentation the other day, and I said something to the effect of "people don't sleep with their desktop computer on their nightstand next to them and people don't take their tablets to the restroom. And they don't take their laptops in the car when they're going to pick up their kids after school and running errands and so forth. But everybody has their phone with them 99% of the time, and they're more than happy to receive, especially in these times." So although I think I heard a rumor that yesterday that Christa went to go pick her kids up and brough the laptop with her. 

Christa Mallard  24:23    :  I made a liar out of Patty. She made that joke on a webinar that I was on that she hosted last week. I had 30 minutes of downtime, so I snapped a photo that I do bring my laptop to bring it to pick up my kids in the carpool.

Patty Ruland  24:38    :  And yeah, now y'all know why Christa is one of my favorite colleagues. She's always there. Once again, let's see do we have any other questions in the chat window? If you are interested in receiving more information or a demo of this new solution, go ahead and put your name and email address in the chat window. We'd be happy to reach out to you and show you a little demo the ins and outs, the behind the scenes and how it all works. That's probably one of my favorite things to do other than host webinars here. So feel free to go ahead and put your email address in the chat window. And Tanya, Ali or Molly, make sure we've captured Tanya's information so we can reach out to her. If there aren't any other questions, again, I just want to take an opportunity to thank Christa for sharing some insights with us about this new solution that we're offering. As well as everybody else for their time and attending. I want to thank my girls behind the scenes, Molly and Allie, we appreciate you joining us. We're more than happy to answer any questions, feel free to reach out to us. And with that being said, Christa, do you want to end this out here?

Christa Mallard  26:09    :  We just want to thank you again so much. We hope that you all stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of your day. So I believe that concludes our presentation.

Solution to Reopening? It Starts with COVID Vaccine Tracker

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