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Unmask the Challenges of Workplace Vaccine Management with the Vaccine Tracker

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October 14, 2021

When people’s health and the livelihood of your business are at stake, how do you begin to tackle employee vaccination management in your organization? 

The city of Golden, Colorado had a similar predicament. With hundreds of employees to track and a complicated greyscale of vaccination options, such a large initiative seemed overwhelming.

But when they came across Engage by Cell’s latest solution, the Vaccine Tracker, they found hope. 

In this webinar, Engage by Cell CEO Dave Asheim interviews Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist with the city of Golden, Colorado, and Trish Ennis, Executive Director of the Colorado Safety Association, as they share insights on vaccine tracking, vaccine mandates, and workplace safety.

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Here are the highlights of their discussion:

Getting Ahead of Vaccine Mandates
“Our city manager sits in a biweekly call with Jefferson County. That’s where we learned that mandates were probably going to happen here soon. So we wanted to get ahead of the mandate and get a system in place. The mandate was recently put into action. November 1 is our deadline to be compliant, but we're well ahead of that, which is exciting.” 
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Collecting Data Via Text Message
“We have a lot of employees who are not computer-based, so we didn't want to rely on email or an Excel sheet to collect information. What really drew us to this tool was the texting portion of it. We can text employees to remind them for their weekly tests if they are not vaccinated. And, employees can text in their vaccination status.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


100% Reporting In Two Days
"We initially rolled it out the Vaccine Tracker to our childcare workers. They were the first ones who were under a requirement to show their vaccination status or submit to weekly testing. We got a 100% response from them within a couple days."
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Leadership Announcement Video
“Our city manager put out a video to staff two weeks before implementation telling us that the vaccine tracking system was coming. So people weren't surprised by this tool. That helped a lot. Plus, we have management team buy-in, which helps a lot too.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Employee Communication: Showing Empathy
“When communicating with employees, we basically said, ‘We have to do this. It's been mandated. We empathize that this is not what we all wanted to do. If it were up to us, we would not be tracking this information. But it's above our control at this point. We were hoping to be out of the pandemic by now and we're still in it. No one wants to be in this situation, but this is where we are. So if you can help us, it would make it a lot smoother’.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Tracking Employee Exemptions
“We explained in our FAQs, if an employee has an exemption to getting the vaccine or getting tested, they need to work with HR directly for that accommodation. That's not something we felt that we needed to track in the Vaccine Tracker database.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Text Message Reminders
“For unvaccinated employees, we send a text that goes out every Monday to remind them that they need to submit their results in by Friday at noon. We're requiring everyone to submit proof. They upload a picture of their vaccination card or a document showing test results to the Vaccine Tracker app.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Reasonable Accommodations for Unvaccinated Employees
“The the weekly test requirement is a reasonable accommodation for someone who doesn't want to get vaccinated. There are also precedents where giving someone time off without pay is also a reasonable accommodation if you can't find another way to accommodate them.”
-Trish Ennis, Executive Director, Colorado Safety Association


What Questions Can You Ask?
“If you ask if an employee is vaccinated or not, that's one question. If you ask them why they didn't receive the vaccine, now you're stepping into something that might reveal a disability, and then you've got a whole different layer of tracking. So you have to be careful about that.”
-Trish Ennis, Executive Director, Colorado Safety Association


How Much Extra Work for the HR Department?
“So far, tracking vaccinations hasn't added too much time--maybe a couple extra hours a week for the non compliant people. When we need to follow up with employees who haven't gotten the weekly test and, as a result, can't come to work, that's where it becomes burdensome. That's outside of any tracking system though.”
-Rebecca Glover, HR Generalist, City of Golden, Colorado


Employees Who Work From Home
“The current advisement I've seen is that someone who works at home 100% of the time can be exempt from workplace vaccine mandates. That’s if they never come into the office. If they come in once a week or occasionally, they would fall under the same guidelines as other office-based employees.”
-Trish Ennis, Executive Director, Colorado Safety Association

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Unmask the Challenges of Workplace Vaccine Management with the Vaccine Tracker

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