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Workforce Development Roundtable How Mobile Tech Supports Engagement with Job Seekers, Employees, and More

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November 4, 2021

In an age where almost everyone has a mobile phone but not a computer or email, workforce development agencies must lean into technology that is agile and easily accessible. 

So, what does that technology look like?

In this webinar, Dave Asheim interviews three of Engage by Cell’s leading workforce development clients: Cody Piggot, Communications and Social Media Specialist from the Newark Workforce Development Board, Jessica Greenway, Director, Human Resources, Training & Development from Goodwill San Antonio, and Kate Dawson, Benefits Manager at Goodwill North Central Texas.

Highlighting individual use cases, these experienced panelists provide insights on engagement strategies with workforce development staff and job seekers. 

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Here are the highlights of their discussion:

Building a Text Message Subscriber List
“We partnered with the city to push out our keyword and code on their platforms like Facebook or Instagram. We also asked our mayor, Mayor Ras J. Baraka, to ask people to subscribe during his weekly Coronavirus updates on Facebook Live events. When we go to in-person job events, we bring along flyers and instruct clients to opt in to our texting program for job opportunities.”
--Cody Piggot, Newark Workforce Development Board

Ineffective Email Communication
“When you send out email blasts, you get bounce backs. So it's not really effective. And then, you have people that don't always look at their emails. Sometimes I send out information and people read it four days after the event occurs. So unfortunately, the event has passed.”
--Cody Piggot, Newark Workforce Development Board

Reaching Employees Who Don’t Have Company Email
“Here at Goodwill San Antonio, not everyone has a Goodwill email address. So when we were publishing information, we were missing about half of our employees. However, almost every one of our employees has a mobile device. We first leveraged this technology to provide information about COVID updates. Right now, we're in the middle of benefits open enrollment, which is a huge hot topic. Now we're able to send benefit information out directly to every team member at the push of a button.”
--Jessica Greenway, Goodwill San Antonio

Saving Time, Paper, and Money
“We have a huge, geographically spread out employee population. In the past during open enrollment, we would have printed out paper flyers. Then, we would have waited until payroll and sent them in a courier box. Then we would have asked managers to post flyers at the time clocks. It would be outdated information by the time it got posted, plus not everyone looks at the flyers at the time clock. So considering printing costs and courier charges, we're saving time and money.”
--Jessica Greenway, Goodwill San Antonio

User Experience: Ease of Use
“One of the benefits of the system is you really don't need a lot of website building skills to use it. That might be one of the misconceptions of the Engage by Cell tool. It is very easy to use and get up to speed and create something very quickly.”
--Jessica Greenway, Goodwill San Antonio

Helpful During Covid Pandemic
“Within our human resources department, I have thoroughly enjoyed having the Engage by Cell technology. We really dove into using it at the beginning of 2020. It couldn't have been better timing for us to be able to reach out to our employees directly. It's not only that we are able to ensure that employees receive our communication, but it also has real time information.”
-Kate Dawson, Goodwill North Central Texas

Employee Intranet Versus Mobile Site and Text Messaging
“We have a company intranet and we have company email, but some of the obstacles are that our employees don't have access. We have kiosks at some locations, but when they go home, there's no way they have that information. When I post information on our mobile site, it allows employees to access information at any point in time. It's helped tremendously.” 
-Kate Dawson, Goodwill North Central Texas

Greater Accessibility
“It's really just about accessibility. We have over 26 different locations, and it's really impossible for us to make sure everybody is able to access information on an even playing field. This has allowed our programs to work more smoothly.”
-Kate Dawson, Goodwill North Central Texas

More Productive, Loyal Employees
“One thing we learned from our yearly surveys is our employees wanted to have more communication from leadership and executive teams. Especially during COVID, they wanted to know their job was safe and they had a paycheck coming. So now, our CEO records a short video at least once a month and we send it out through this platform. This has been tremendously helpful. It leads to things like loyalty, productivity, and employees feeling supported by their organization.”
-Kate Dawson, Goodwill North Central Texas


Workforce Development Roundtable How Mobile Tech Supports Engagement with Job Seekers, Employees, and More

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