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Workforce Development

Communicating with individuals can be a challenge when
they’re not reading emails or answering your phone calls.
Mobile technology is the easiest way to communicate
with job seekers.

Find out how

Connect With Your Participants Through Two Platforms

Text Message Platform

Send job seekers text alerts about job fairs and training opportunities, use Text Chat
for personalized check-ins,
and follow-up when they’ve secured employment.


Mobile Web Authoring

Build and store custom content in training portals that participants can access right on their phone. Include resources like PDFs, videos, schedules, and communal message boards.

Mobile technology

streamlines your processes to reduce your workload and increase bandwidth — so you can focus more on the success of your job seekers.

How We Can Help
Candidates not hearing about jobs & hiring events
our sms platform
  • Text messages are read 98% of the time - usually within minutes
  • Send out texts directly from our dashboard - no need to use your personal cell phone!
  • Job seekers can opt-in to a variety of lists which can be segmented by job category
  • Schedule follow up texts to make sure job seekers arrived at interview or achieved employment
Dues Paid
Job seekers lacking crucial skills & documents
Store any content with our Mobile App Builder
  • Use as a paperless repository for necessary documentation
  • Include training videos, quizes or polls
  • No downloads
  • No I.T. involvement required
Agencies need to see development initiatives are being successful
Our software can provide proof of success
  • Reporting dashboard can show usage over time
  • Analytics update in real-time
  • Ability to ask jobseeker to send a picture message of their pay stub as proof of employment obtained
Event App

Pricing for WORKFORCE

The above services are sold a la carte. Call us today to get a quote!