Engage_HRTri-Fold.Nov2017-Print (1)-2.jpgNow more than ever, security teams and emergency responders need to have accurate information to do their jobs, but many teams are still relying on walkie-talkies for their communication. Two-way communication simply isn't sophisticated enough to coordinate with multiple groups of officers. By using text messaging, officers can be segmented into separate lists so that each team only receives the information relevant to their detail.

2 Mobile Platforms; 1,000 Uses


send photos & videos

  • Text photos and video directly to teams.
  • Accurate images of suspect's clothing

text chat

  • Team members can communicate in the same text message thread.
  • Superior to Walkie Talkies - information never misunderstood because of static or bad signals
  • No additional equipmeent required.

emergency text alerts

  • Schedule and send alerts to dedicated lists
  • Texts are read within seconds
  • People can text in to enroll in various lists

mobile content

  • Instant access to protocols, procedures, forms, videos, and manuals
  • Make back-end changes instantly
  • No I.T. required 


Photo Messaging for Security Teams

With photo messaging, teams never have to rely on vague descriptions of suspects or information being lost due to bad signal. Send pictures or video so that everyone knows exactly who they need to find. 



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